Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day of School

 This time of year always reminds me 
of how much the kids have grown!

A lot of changes for our family this year - we have one in High School, one in Middle School and one in Elementary.  But we are excited and ready to tackle the school year.

Riley off to his 1st year of High School
Class of 2017!

Riley goes to seminary first thing in the morning and then straight to school from there.
He has to schlep a lot of stuff.  That backpack felt like it was full of bricks!

Ciara is starting off her 6th grade year which is also her 1st year in Middle School!

 Ella is off to 2nd grade.  Same school as last year thankfully.  
She was super excited for school to start 

Oops!  Caught her with the sun in her eyes.  
Getting on the bus.  She's got this school stuff down!

Monday, May 13, 2013

That's quacktastic!

Out here in the "Country" we get plenty of visitors.  The human variety do come around once in a while, but we see all kinds of different animals and critters pretty much every day.

I enjoy the birds quite a bit.  Our house backs up to a preserve so we get an amazing variety of birds. Ella loves stocking her bird feeder.  As you can see, the local raccoon likes to help herself to the bird food also.   

My favorite visitors though, are these guys.

They showed up in our yard one day a couple of weeks ago.  I went outside with some bread and the male one immediately starting squawking and then they both backed away.  I left the bread out for them and when I went back into the house, they came back and got their snack.

The next day they came back and this time the girls were home.  We went out with the bread again and the ducks backed off again, returning when we went in the house.

They quickly learned that a visit to our back yard would result in them being fed, so they visit us every single day.  After about a week we named them Fred and Ginger.

Ginger has become a little bit more bold now.  She will actually walk up onto the patio and she looks in the glass door.  It's as if she's saying "Hellooo, I'm here.  Do you have my bread?"  Fred is a little more cautious.  He comes a little closer now, but still likes to keep his eye on things.   If Ginger comes too close to us, he starts squawking until she backs up.

They will usually eat and wonder around the yard a little.  Sometimes they will nap under one of the trees.  Then when they are ready they will waddle on out back into the preserve.  I assume they have a nest in the area somewhere.

They now have their own water bowl and another bowl that we put seed in.  
(After all, ducks cannot live on bread alone!)

I actually worry about them if I don't see them for a certain period of time.  And we've had to increase the bread budget a bit, but I love their daily visits - they make me smile.
They're just.........quacktastic!! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Managing little girl's hair

Ella has super long hair.  We are always trying new ways to keep in nice an neat.  And untangled!

My sister has two little girls.  My sister is not, and has never been, a very girlie girl, so her husband does the girls hair. So this if for you Beau....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Horses and Penguins

A story about Horses and told by Ella

Hi Mr. Penguin.  What are you doing Mr. Horse?

Most creatures live in water and snow.  Some live in grass or barns.  Farmers live in houses.

Independent penguins live underground.  Independent horses protect their babies from other creatures.

This is a penguins fin.  This is a horses hoof.  They are very strong.  One is used for swimming.  One is used for running.

Bye Mr. Penguin.   Bye Mr. Horse.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ugh! and Oooh!

Finally ventured out the house today.

Started out normalish.  Woke up at the crack of dawn with Riley.  I had a splitting headache which I attribute to lack of sleep and sinus problems.  Riley got off to school, and it was time to get the girls ready.  I am NOT a morning person, and today I couldn't have my usual breakfast of a can of coke cause I had to fast for a blood test.

Girls got off to school, I tidied up the house to kill time while all the school buses were still running, and then headed out to the lab.  Had my blood drawn (no big deal) and sat in the car for a few minutes and ate a Poptart and drank a coke. 

Started driving towards to the mall and after a few minutes noticed that my arm was really hurting.  Then I started feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Perhaps from the blood draw?  Or the massive influx of sugar from my "breakfast"?  Whatever was causing it, I was convinced I might toss my cookies in my car and I started to feel rather panicked.  Next thing you know someone is laying on the horn because I am driving like an idiot and almost got myself into a car accident.  Nothing like a little adrenaline to help with that projectile vomiting feeling!

Once again, I sat in my car for a little while till my heart beat calmed down a little, and then headed into Joann's Fabric store.  Let me just say, I have never seen a fabric store this big in my whole life!!  It was like a mega fabric store combined with a Michaels.  I was wondering around aimlessly not even knowing what to do with myself.  Talk about kid in a candy store!  And......they apparently love coupons.  And they let you stack coupons.  And they even take coupons from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  The cashier literally had my phone in her hand downloading competitors apps so I could use their coupons too!!!

Went into Old Navy cause it was next door.  Wondered around aimlessly until one of the staff there came and asked me if I needed anything.
Went over to Costco.  We have a Sam's membership, but it is a 45 minute drive from our house and not next to a magical multi coupon stacking fabric store.  Wondered around in there for a while to see what kind of stuff they have and is it worth springing for a membership.   $55 to join.  Still have six months on Sam's membership :(

Decided to head back towards home with a quick detour to the grocery store for necessities.  Wondered around there aimlessly wondering what to feed my family.

Came home.  Ate some real food frozen pizza.  Noticed hard drive I ordered arrived, so decided to swap it out.  Installed it, laptop reads it just fine.  Success!    Or so I thought.  Operating system doesn't want to install properly and Laptop appears to be overheating and shutting itself down.  Probably fried the first hard drive!  Looked up a possible fix online.  One guy said he was having the same problem so he placed his laptop in the fridge while the install finished.  Well the Laptop is still not fixed but I at least I got a laugh out of the fridge guy.

So now I am sitting here, aimlessly typing.  Boring anyone who might possibly be reading.
I think an early night is in order.  Nope.....Riley needs help with homework.  Last minute of course.  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!


Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School

The kids started their new schools last week.   We were all feeling a little anxious.  Since we had lived in our previous house for 12 years, this is the first time the kids have ever gone to a new school outside of their familiar school district.

Riley is now in 8th grade.  His last year of middle school :(
Which means next year, he will go to a new school again.

Ciara is in 5th grade which is the last year of Elementary School here.  
(So new school next year for her too!)
Ella started 1st grade.

The girls are riding the bus to school for the first time.

Check out the insane amount of school supplies Riley has!

This doesn't even include the workbooks that we had to buy and pick up the weekend before school started.  All of this, as well as his textbooks has to fit in a half size locker! 

All in all they had a great first week!
Ella loves riding the bus to school and adores her teacher Ms. D  
She is going to be starting ballet in a few weeks.

Ciara is adjusting well to being in such a large school.  Her teacher Mr. R is very nice.  
She is working on the Yearbook Staff and will soon be starting a Pottery Class.  She is wonderful at taking care of Ella, making sure she gets off the bus and to class okay.  It's very comforting to me to know that they have each other.

Riley always seems to go with the flow.  He has a pretty full workload at school.  He is taking three AP classes, a Technical class that will earn him a Microsoft certification and an Honors Math class.  He is working to finish up his Eagle Scout.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day

Mom has actually been feeling a little better the past two weeks.  She has been driving a little - a quick trip to the store and back.  She hardly ever coughs or wheezes.  She has a little more energy and her color looks good.  

I invited her to come out to our Church picnic and she and Charles met us at the park.

She looked super cute in her hat don't you think?

Check out my girlies...

Ella's summer fare.  Fruit with fruit on the side.

Usually not much of a meatasauros, but who can pass up a delicious burger
cooked by your bishop who just happens to work for Hardees?